AGMP Summary

West Coast Cities Gospel Industry Conference is an all-inclusive three-day featuring a schedule packed full of Panels, Seminars, and Events amongst the leaders of the gospel music community. For the up-and-coming artist to the seasoned music industry veteran, this conference provides a unique opportunity for artists, pastors, music industry professionals, governments, cities and regions, academics, organizations to meet, discuss, introduce new thinking, as well as to network. From group panel discussions to round table mentoring, and master classes, participants are given ample opportunities for thoughtful discussion about the direction and future of gospel music, to make a long-lasting impressions and connections.

West Coast Cities Gospel Industry Conference showcases best practices on the use of music – and all its variants – to improve everyday life and spiritual well-being. As well as this, the role and impact of gospel music across education, employment, community building, placemaking, licensing and regulation is explored.


  1. A&R
  2. Accountant
  3. Administration
  4. Alliance Rep
  5. Artist Management
  6. Booking Agent
  7. Choreographer
  8. Costume/Clothing Designer
  9. Dancer


  1. Fashion Stylist
  2. Gospel Artist
  3. Gospel DJ
  4. Gospel Music Blogger
  5. Gospel Music Consultant
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Hair Designer
  8. Make Up Artist
  9. Media Researcher


  1. Minister of Music
  2. Music Merchandising
  3. Music Producer
  4. Music Supervisor
  5. Pastor
  6. Production Promoter
  7. Publicist
  8. Radio Personality
  9. Recording Engineer


  1. Record Label
  2. Set Design
  3. Singer
  4. Social Media Promoter
  5. Songwriter
  6. Stage Play Writer
  7. TV/Film Diretors & Producer
  8. Vocal Coach
  9. Other



(Full Pass) $35
WCCGIC T-Shirt: Included


(Full Pass) $50
WCCGIC T-Shirt: Included


(1-Day Pass) $15
WCCGIC T-Shirt: $8


(1-Day Pass) $25
WCCGIC T-Shirt: $12